Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Gnome-blog 0.8

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Seth Nickell released a new version of Gnome-blog, his Gnome-blogging-applet. Yay, we have drag 'n drop of images and spelling-correction now! You don't know how yet much I love the first one and you'll adore the last ;). I'm not yet using it right now as I had trouble installing it. Lazy me downloaded the rpm-package and converted it to .deb with alien. It installed fine but wouldn't load. Maybe I'll just wait for debian to package it :).

Image (from Seth Nickell's blog):




Anonymous Anonymous knowledgely replied ...

The best new feature is that now when you select text and click "add link" it adds it with the selected text linked.

To get a quick and dirty deb do this:

What you want to do is "apt-get source gnome-blog" then download and untar gnome-blog-0.8, copy the debian directory from the gnome-blog debian source (currently gnome-blog-0.7 in unstable) then edit the debian/changelog file in the NEW 0.8 directory. add a new entry at the top (change the version number to something less than 0.8 so the real debian package will upgrade when it is added to the archive. (I made mine 0.7.99). Here it is:

gnome-blog (0.7.99) unstable; urgency=low

* New upstream version (used 0.7.99 so real 0.8 will overwrite)

-- Charles Voelger <> Wed, 12 Jan 2005 12:24:27 -0400

now you should run "apt-get build-dep gnome-blog" and then "fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage" - this in the new gnome-blog-0.8 directory.

I done this a few times, with varring success I does appear to work great with this package, although you have to edit debian/rules and comment out the following line:

#mv $(CURDIR)/debian/gnome-blog/usr/bin/ # $(CURDIR)/debian/gnome-blog/usr/lib/gnome-panel/

it takes a few seconds to build such a small package, also I wouldn't do this if there were anything other than minor changes, or for packages that debian has modified substantially.

so to review:
# apt-get source gnome-blog-0.7
# tar xvf gnome-blog-0.8
# cp -r gnome-blog-0.7/debian gnome-blog-0.8
# gedit gnome-blog-0.8/debian/changelog
# gedit gnome-blog-0.8/debian/rules
# apt-get build-dep gnome-blog
# cp gnome-blog-0.8
# fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage
# cd ..
# dpkg -i gnome-blog_*_all.deb

- Of course some of those commands you have to have superuser priviledges (apt-get, dpkg), and others you don't want to do as a superuser (dpkg-buildpackage). Took me maybe 3 minutes to do this. (Far longer to write up this description :).

7:05 PM, January 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous knowledgely replied ...

Alternatively, you could just:
1. apt-get install python-gtk2-dev python-gnome2-dev
2. tar xjvf gnome-blog-0.8.tar.bz2.tar ; cd gnome-blog-0.8
3. ./configure --prefix=/usr
4. make
5. sudo make install

7:55 PM, January 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous knowledgely replied ...

Please use --prefix=/usr/local for your own builds. If you use /usr it will mess up your distribution's packages!

bye, Wouter

8:17 PM, January 12, 2005  
Blogger Karel Demeyer knowledgely replied ...

Great :)
gonna try the last, seems easier to 'compile' it :D

8:33 PM, January 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous knowledgely replied ...

According to the gnome-blog page you have to install it in the same prefix as gnome for the panel to find it. Also I am very careful not to install things without dpkg knowing, I do not like to have stray files in /usr. Sure I have plenty in /usr/local but nothing that overlaps with a standard debian package, I've done that before and ended up with trouble.

Either way I would bet the new package will be in unstable shortly. If you are too impatient, and like me want to keep /usr pure I have put the packge files I made at - of course if you trust debian packages from strangers, that may break your system. Use at your own risk, I've never made a deb to be installed on a machine I didn't administer :)

8:39 PM, January 12, 2005  
Blogger Karel Demeyer knowledgely replied ...

What about this: I compite the thing and install it, not in /usr, not in /usr/local, but in a directory 'gnomeblog' in my home-dir, then I targz it so I get gnomeblog.tgz and then I make a .deb from it with alien and install it :D.

9:01 PM, January 12, 2005  
Blogger Ed Crypt knowledgely replied ...

You can use apt-build do help you in the first option:

You con do just an apt-build source, modify what you need and an apt-build install.

9:06 PM, January 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous knowledgely replied ...

Everything I've said, and my copy are now obsolete, gnome-blog 0.8 is in debian incoming already. ( which means it will be in unstable shortly. I told you the debian gnome folks were fast.

4:05 AM, January 13, 2005  
Blogger Karel Demeyer knowledgely replied ...

anyway, I installed your debian package and it loads now. I can drag images to it, but they don't get uploaded as blogger doesn't support it :|. It should be possible to set a ftp-server or something to upload your images and the applet set the right url etc :)

10:30 AM, January 13, 2005  

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