Saturday, October 14, 2006

Add to Totem's playlist

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Like a year ago, I used to use Totem as a music playback application in the first place. I dropped some directories with mp3's on it, put on my wireless headphones and went outside. But, since I became a fulltime Banshee user, things changed. For instance, I don't have Totem's playlist pane open anymore by default. Now, sometimes I find an mp3 on my harddrive I didn't know I still had with some obscure name and the Nautilus preview sounds good. Then, I just click it to open it in Totem. Well, If I find more of those at once, I feel the need to queue some songs again I don't want to add to my Banshee library (yet). Plus, I don't want to have the playlist opened, as it uses too much screen real-estate for these 10 minutes. Now I found a great solution. You don't have to drop songs on the playlist field to queue 'm up. You can just drop 'm on the "Show playlist" button too! Thanks alot, Totem dev's !


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