Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Playing DVD iso's

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I found a nice Media Player (Gnome's media player is called "Totem") feature this week. I had a DVD with a recording of me on national television this week. I copied it to an .iso image file as I have to return the DVD and I don't have any more blank DVD's. Well, it seem like Gnome's media player can play DVD .iso-files as if they were real DVD's. You can open these files with Totem in 2 ways; after opening Totem:
  • Open the "Movie" menu and choose "Open". Now select the .iso-file.
  • Drag the .iso-file on the Totem media player
In fact there's a third way, which is a bit more technical. You could "mount" the .iso-file on your filesystem as if it where a real DVD-device and then acces this from Gnome as you would acces a real DVD. Though, to do this you still need to do some dark magic. I filed a bug in Gnome once to make it easy to do this but there's noone working on this as far as I know.

By the way: Gnome 2.18 is born! Happy Gnome'ing!