Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Gnome journal
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Gnome Journal published a new issue lately containing 6 great articles. "Experimental culture" is a great read about the gnome-surrounding culture, how it's defined, and how Seth Nickel sees it's future. There's also an article describing how to burn CD's and DVD's with nautilus. I like this. So much gnome-users complain there's no good burning-program that fits in Gnome, well, for data nautilus is a great and intuitive solution. I also heard, never tried it, you can write audio CD's with Muine (or was it Rhythmbox ? I'm too lazy to search it out); ifso, that's another problem solved. It would be great to have 'real' burning apps for gnome too though, and they're on their way ! The other articles are also well written; I think the best way to comment on them is on Footnotes.


PS: someone posted another great trick as comment on my previous blog. If you set up your default browser (Applications -> Desktop Preferences -> Advanced -> Preferred Applications) to "epiphany -n %s", external applications will open pages in a new tab instead of a new window. Thanks!



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