Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More Metacity magic

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Metacity (the Gnome windowmanager) seems to be plenty of great features. I tried to sum all of 'm in my "Gnome windowmanager magic" post but I forgot one and put it in the next post. Today I got a comment from Vincent learning me a new metacity trick. I quote him:
If you move a window in metacity while holding the "shift" key, the window will snap to all the stuff that is on your screen (other windows, panels, screen sides, etc).
Thanks very much!




Anonymous Anonymous knowledgely replied ...

This tip is extremely useful when using GNOME Screen Ruler.

My OSX-using friend always has a terrible time aligning screen rulers to other windows!

Also note: You can combine this tip with holding Alt and dragging a window from anywhere.

10:45 PM, January 05, 2005  
Blogger Karel Demeyer knowledgely replied ...

I don't use the screen-ruler, but I see the opportunities :D.
Gnome 1-0 OS-X :p

11:03 PM, January 07, 2005  

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