Saturday, July 02, 2005

Epiphany problem: right / middle click
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I reïnstalled my desktop-box again :). But, I was so stupid to use the first Ubuntu CD I could find laying around on my desk, which happened to be a warty one. And as I was to lazy to reinstall it again ("I was too busy" would have been a lie ;)) I thought I'd just upgrade the packages I really use to hoary for now and do this till breezy comes out within some months. (Maybe I won't be able to wait and reinstall it with the right CD if I run into troubles with it.)
Anyway; I got the following problem: Clicking the right or middle mousebutton on links in Epiphany just didn't do anything. I visited the #epiphany IRC-channel (on, and asked if this was a known problem (hereby I'd like to apoligize for being to lazy to first check the FAQ :|).
So the problem was I upgraded epiphany but I didn't upgrade my firefox-package (epiphany depends on the firefox package for the gecko html renderer). After upgrading it the problem was gone!

See you!

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