Monday, June 20, 2005

Another backgrounds tip

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I already blogged about how to do cool things with desktop background not to long ago. I told you that you can easily set backgrounds by dragging 'm to the backgrounds-properties window. Well, you even don't have to do that most of the time. If you just want the default options, drag an image on the desktop with your middle mouse-button down. When you release the button, you'll get a menu where you can choose "set as background". Note: you can also do this to set backgrounds for folder-windows in Nautilus.
You can also set background-colors or -patterns by just dragging 'm to the desktop or any folder-window, gnome-terminal-window, panel ...
Another background-tip: in Epiphany, you can right-click images and set 'm as background from the context-menu, which will open the background-properties window so you can set it up easily.



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