Friday, June 24, 2005

Tab manipulation

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In a lot of basic gnome applications, tabs are used to reduce screenclutter. You can have tabbed chatwindows in gaim, tabbed browsing in epiphany, tabbed text editing in gedit ... What is so cool about this in gnome is that you can manipulate them easily with your mouse. Click a tab to activate, click it's close-button to ... close, scroll your mousewheel hovering the tabs to scroll though the tabs, drag the tabs to any place on the tabbar you want ...
What is even cooler is that you can drag tabs out of the window to create a new window with it's content. Also you can drag tabs from an application-window to other windows of that application ... you love it or you love it, right ?

Marek Jurman kindly asked me to blog about this. Thanks for the inspiration!