Thursday, January 11, 2007

Middle mousebutton & Gnome's webbrowser

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Some time ago, I blogged about how to enable middle mousebutton clicks on links to open 'm in a new tab in Gnome's webbrowser (Epiphany). Well, I found out that's not the only place in this browser where this middle mouse button comes out handy. In fact, the usage is very consistent. Left mousebutton clicks open items in the current tab, middle mousebutton clicks open them in a new tab.

  • Links on a webpage
  • A bookmark on your toolbar (btw: to add one, just drag a link to the toolbar)
  • A bookmark in the bookmarks menu
  • A bookmark in the bookmarks editor
  • Any entry in the "dropdown menu" you get when you type something in the adressbar:
  • A history item
  • A search command from a smart bookmark
  • A bookmark
I guess there are even more examples like this. I'm once again proud to be an Gnome user.

See you !

Edit: corrected some spelling mistakes

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