Monday, January 15, 2007

Even more middle mouse button action

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In my previous post, I told you about how to open bookmarks and history items etc in a new tab by simply clicking on 'm with the middle mouse button. Well, I thought this was so fantastic but I didn't even try it out in other places in Epiphany.
Well, now it seems like it can be used for some other buttons on the toolbar:
  • Open your homepage on a new tab by middle clicking the Home button
  • Open the previous page on a new tab by middle clicking the Back button
  • Open the next page on a new tab by middle clicking the Forward button
I also set up an "Up" button on my toolbar, to go up in the directory hierarchy of a website. This trick works for this button too.
To (re)arrange your toolbar, add new items or delete items, rightclick it and choose "Customize toolbars...". You'll get a Toolbar Editor window which contains all possible items. Now you can just drag items on the toolbar with your mouse. If you want to remove items, drag 'm off the toolbar to the Toolbar Editor window. Have fun tuning your Gnome Webbrowser!

See you.

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