Thursday, March 10, 2005

Gnome 2.10 - There's my baby
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It's been a while since my last post, but I'm back in business! There are a lot of reasons why I've not been blogging for so long, but the main reason; I was very busy.

So, yesterday was the day we all were waiting for, the birth of Gnome 2.10. This new version of the desktop we all love focuses on more integration of desktop applications and ships with some 'new' nice applications like Totem (which most of us were already using though), Sound Juicer (an Audio CD "ripper") etc. It seems like a lot of attention went to the panel applets. Most applets were updated and they now become transparent if you your panel is so. The smallband users among us can enjoy the improved Modem applet which integrates nicely with the new Gnome System Tools, but we all will enjoy the trash-on-panel (so you don't have to push the "show desktop" button to hide all your windows before you can drag something to the trash), the device-mount-applet (which shows all you currently (automagically) mounted devices and devices that can be mounted so you don't have to search for their icons on the desktop no more), the improved "sticky notes" applet etc.

Gnome 2.10 also comes with improved network capabilities. When you fire up the new GnomeMeeting, you can have it search on your local network without having to type user information. The same goes on for some of the (grafically) improved Gnome games!

What certainly interests us all; Nautilus became faster. There's still room for a lot of improvement I think, but it certainly is heading the right way! The path button (in the left lower corner of the spatial windows) was made more obviously a button, so new users will quickly find their way to it ;). Nautilus is also more integrated with the panel menu as their is now also a "Places" menu which you can use to quickly navigate to your partitions, home folder, trash, templates folder, favorites, network browser ... We now have 3 menu's, one for "places" one called "Desktop" where you can change yourt dekstop preferences, log out etc. and the good old "Applications" menu which now is a lot lighter. The menu system also changed under the hood so it now uses the specifications.

I'm not yet aware of other new killer features in this new Gnome version, but I'm sure I'll find them by using this baby and I'll report them here :).





Blogger gtonic knowledgely replied ...

Yay for Gnome 2! Also nice to see some news on this page ;)

kind regards,

11:14 PM, March 12, 2005  
Anonymous Karel knowledgely replied ...

Hi Tom!

Thanks for your comment. I've been really busy but I hope I'll have enough great experiences and time to blog now :D.

I read your blog today about Gran Tourismo. I was just dreaming about such gaming capabilities on linux ;)


11:29 PM, March 12, 2005  

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